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reporting and planning. Why not try it?

  • Dashboard
    Directly from the Dashboard analyse with BI functions Group By or Drill to Transactions .
    Customize your dasboard! Restricted by your roles and data access permissions.
    Have on hand your favourite charts and reports from sales, finance, logistics …
  • Mapa
    Monitor sales performance in the map! Territorial reports will no longer be boring .
    Edit your views instantly. Change the parameters and that's it.
    Analyze geodata as well as tables of reports through clever BI functions.
  • Custom segmentace
    Mobile BI customer segmentation for the sales representatives in the field.
    Click and watch the commodity structure, frequency/number of orders by customers.
    Manager gets an overview of sales team performance versus budget/forecasts .
  • Bilance
    Reports combines balance (to date) and results (flow) views …
    … and calculated non-financial indicators, for example KPI.
    Data is based on the GL transactions and dimensions according to the required model.
    For a better understanding attach the comments to the reports.
  • PL s grafem
    Analytic functions reveals deeper information when needed …
    Create rules for reallocation and other management adjustments …
    Actuals can be compared with budget and forecasts at the same time …
    Understand the development trends in the moment? No problem with micrographs!
  • Base costing
    Base costing measures the costs and revenues bearers across the company structure.
    Choose required cost center, for example, a specific sales representative …
    And immediately know how much selected sales representative brings and costs.
  • Items column grouped
    Analytical view of inventory items perfectly supports the segment analysis..
    Follow the daily sales and related costs and gross margin for brands and stores..
    Stock movements and balances? By brands, groups of items or business lines?
    Combine view of inventory items with customers, dealers, territorial segmentation …
  • Aging basic
    Aging sorts the receivables into groups by customers and maturity.
    Monitores the working capital items with the greatest impact on funding.
    Who are your biggest debtors? Are the Creditors running out of patience?
  • Finance PL základní
    BI functions are great helpers. Outline aggregates and displays detail within the tree.
    Group By decomposed required line of the report, eg. the CoGS in the reporting structure.
    No more irregularities! Controllers rejoice, how much work it saves..
    Drill To Detail displays analytical information down to the level of transactions.

Rent online reporting in a cloud and save money on hardware, licences and maintenance. We have taken 20 years of experience in business consulting and put it all into a BI application. You will be delighted at how fast we are able to deploy reporting and adapt it to your particular area of business.




Implementation is something that can take ages. But not with us. We can put even large-scale solutions in place in a matter of weeks. And small ones in a few days. Not convinced? You can count on it.

3, 2, 1 ... deployed


The usual cost is upward of half a million. But you rent our reporting in SaaS format for less than you pay each month for a telephone.. Plus something for implementation.

A lot for a little


It is more secure than you might think. . We encrypt information and authorisation, we protect your data just as soundly as a bank and provide back-up at two storage sites.

Just like a safe


Whether you are reporting on finance, sales, production, logistics, work attendance or perhaps the health service, it is adapted to suit your area of business and your demands.

Custom-made for you


Enough data preparation by hand! We use smart connectors and data transformation, meaning we connect directly to ERP and any source of data.

Get straight to the data


Want to have full control over your managerial system? After training, you will be able to prepare and develop it without us or the expenses of an IT department.

No limits


It is used by small businesses and international companies

  • Mazars
  • B&B Hotels
  • Diparlux
  • sante01
  • DentInn
  • TeamPrevent
  • sante-network
  • T. M. Lewin
  • 3P Consulting
  • Metrostav
  • Altron Group
  • Archimedes BT
  • Bovys
  • CZC.CZ
  • Ergotep (Partner)
  • Charita ČK
  • Javlin
  • Lachante-Martis
  • m-soft
  • PC Help
  • Trees
  • Software602
  • Teplárna ČB
  • Brantl (Partner)
  • API
  • bourjois
  • lacoste
  • givenchy
  • mango
  • kenzo

… because it can connect up data from various data sources

  • Abra
  • Atollon
  • ESO9
  • Excel
  • Flexibee
  • Helios
  • Jira
  • Money
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Pohoda
  • Premier System
  • QI
  • QuickBooks
  • Sales Force
  • SAP
  • Signys
  • Sugarcrm
  • Toggl
  • Xero

… to help anyone that needs to do so.


When do I get return on my investment and how can I make most of it? Have I overlooked any asset stripping? How to increase Cash Flow to the maximum and let the company grow, and retain the top management? Or is it the time to sell the company for a profit?

How does the cash flow look and where to improve it? What about the stability, company development and investment? What caused the difference between the plan and current status? I am able to view company results and management’s KPI. Consequently, I possess all background information to ensure quality management.

I am able to monitor transactions in detail in order to scrutinise suspicious ones down to the core. What is the status of the company’s, cost centres and individual contracts or projects costs and revenues? Are we meeting our financial plans? Subsequently, the evaluation can easily be reported to Chief Financial Officer.

What is the status of costs and income in relation to the project or grant donor? Are we able to handle new project if we, to date, have not secured funding for overhead costs? How to cover financially reduction in subsidies and start-up of support activities? And what about bridging finance in relation to securing the EU funding?

Follows closely the day to day shopping behavior of customers, turnover, margins, discounts and stock level. Brands, groups of products, classes ... grouped by territorial segments in combination with the access rights.

What is the status of projects’ costs? What about this particular one and its cost of sales, marketing and administration? How much impact do they have on financing? I wish to take charge of the management and funding of the project that my company allocated me.


Switch to a cloud and take reporting with you
wherever you go, even on your mobile.

Whether you are a small business or an international corporation, you manufacture, sell or provide services, will be your right (and left) hand man in managerial decision-making. It is a Business Intelligence application, that you rent as an online service for a monthly fixed rate. It is adapted to suit your area of business, will grow with you and will delight you with what it can do. Get connected to a team of business consultants and experts at data warehouses and our business and solution partners.