Why not consider another line of attack at your financial reporting and planning? Try it in the Cloud!

Take a look with us under a cloud to consider on-line reporting. Journey to the development of the Cloud-based BI applications was long and we’ll not bore you with 20 years long story. Nevertheless, we'll show you the most interesting part.


What is Reporting.eu

It is the on-line BI application focused on financial reporting and planning related to corporate finance and in-depth interpretation of the Cash Flow. Always provides fitting information for decision-making and management control – whether in business, manufacturing company or non-profit organisation. Thanks to the Cloud in 90% cases the initial investment is practically zero and the leasing price is a pleasant surprise.

Financial management secures all important information by a couple of clicks. It monitors and measures the output and its related costs and balance sheet items across the company. And in accordance with them you are able to set and evaluate motivational criteria. Reporting.eu handles this without a glitch Use of the browser is sufficient, login with a password and a revolution in reporting can begin.

Who is behind Reporting.eu

For two decades we have been involved in business consulting and related financial software. Currently, our applications are used by over 500 companies and NGOs from the Czech and Slovak Republics. We have dozens of partners who implement reporting to their customers. We daily process millions of data in the Cloud and for us the client’s data securityhas the highest priority.

Such a specialised software would not exist and have worked without adequate number of business consultants, consultants, specialists in corporate finance, accounting and management control, experts in data warehousing and OLAP systems and
BI a DSS application developers. Do you know any other application that combines so much know-how proven in practice?


First version of the Cash Flow Management for companies (CFM BIZ) is released. It focuses on simple and intuitive financial planning. It uses specific features of the Microsoft Excel so it needs to run MS Office.

The Cash Flow Management application is being used for financial planning by 100 companies. At this time it is helping to build dozens of financial models, privatisation projects and applications for loans.

CFM is being used by 350 companies in the Czech Republic and 100 companies in the Slovak Republic. For example, large companies as Unipetrol, Metrostav, Skoda, BVV and Slovnaft joined us. We participate in the development and implementation of MIS Speedware Financials, which became the conceptual forerunner of our on-line reporting solution.

Release of a special version of the Cash Flow Management for non-profit organizations (CFM NGO). Consequently, we add non-profit organisations, besides commercial companies, service providers and manufacturing companies, to our clients.

We welcome 200th client in the non-profit sector. Thus CFM NGO is being used by 200 non-profit organizations in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Started project collaboration for Nadace Via Akcelerátor. The project is still running and each year the selected NGOs’ compete for the best business plans. The winning projects receive the grant support. Among the partners who support the project are, for example, Philip Morris ČR, Česká Spořitelna, Citi Foundation and PwC Czech Republic.

Started work on the development of on-line reporting in the Cloud. We started by having 15 years of experience in the BI software and our team is expanded by experts in data warehousing and the Cloud solutions.

In January we launch full versions and welcome clients in the new on-line reporting running in a powerful Cloud. March shifts us to dozens of running installations with loading tests passing without any problems.

During April clients’ requirements to extend the reporting further than the General Ledger transactionsaccumulate and consequently new data models are analysed. We listen to our clients and in June we introduce to the installations"Items" and "Claims and Liabilities" data models.

On-line reporting continues to be refined, extended and complemented in accordance with the needs of our users. We follow the development of international standards and requirements for the BI and DDS software specialised in corporate finance.

Team Reporting.eu

We do not have prima donnas, however introduction to the whole team would overloaded the browser. So at least we’ll introduce the original six who are behind the concept of on-line reporting.

Michal Rozehnal


Michal is CEO and is expert in reporting standards and financial modelling. Within the company is responsible for executive management and affiliate sales. We’ll usually meet him before business meeting, certainly during it and in part during the design and implementation of the data model phase.

Michal Všetečka

Delivery manager

Michal je Delivery Manager with excellent knowledge of accounting, financial and reporting standards. Within the company is responsible for direct sales, so he is in daily touch with customers. You'll meet him in pre-sale phase, during the analysis and concept design of reporting and also following the implementation and when using support services.

Martin Čechura

R&D Manager

Martin is R&D Manager. Within the company is responsible for the system's concept and architecture. With customers meets only occasionally, mostly during the ERP connecting phase, ETL design and data model design.

Petr Čechura

Senior Consultant

Petr is Senior Consultant. Within the company is responsible for the development and support of IT technologie. Personally, we rarely meet him, because handles internal requirements for developement of system.

Vojtěch Kotous

Senior Consultant

Vojta is Senior Consultant with experiences of project management and implementation of various IT solutions and integration. He is responsible for management and sucesfull delivery of projects as well as analysis and implementation your requirements to reporting. You can probably meet him during all phases of realization of your project.

Helps large and small companies

Do you wish to work with us?

Are you a business consultant, the ERP system implementer or an external accountant or a consultant? Let's join forces as business partners. We'll train you, pass on years of know-how and you’ll be supported by a team of experts on the BI, data warehousing and management control.

Are you a business consultant?
Do you integrate ERP systems?
Do you carry out external accounting?
We’ll supplement your know-how by our 20 years’ experience;
Analyse and design reporting for your clients to meet the needs of efficient and modern management;
We’ll teach you how to generate and optimise financial plans and models;
Adapts business models using specific assignments and integrates them into the reporting;
You’ll get our consultation and support when selling and implementing the Reporting.eu at your clients’;
Add to your ERP higher level presentation layer and expand the range of users towards the top management;
Give your new and existing customers the opportunity to extract the best background information for the management;
Keep up with the demands of modern BI tools and management control – join us in business consulting;
We guarantee our support in the analysis, implementation and operational reporting phase;
We'll show how to design and implement the best possible method and capture transactions format for the type of reporting for the customer.
Move from the role of accountant to controlling and management accounting;
Expand your skills by creating financial plans and models;
Enable your customers to present the trading results in on-line reporting;
We’ll connect your accounting into the on-line reporting data centre;
We’ll advise which accounting structure and other parameters to be used for clients’ typical reporting input;
We’ll teach you how to logically compile complete reporting.

Are you interested? Do you wish to try it without any obligations?

Just get in touch and we will send you access to the demo with test data. Or do you prefer a personal presentation? We enjoy showing the greatest application’s tricks and answer inquisitive questions. If we are too far apart, via Skype and desktop sharing on join.me we'll introduce the application remotely.