When the reporting team is blogging, financial management is rejoicing.

Do not worry we will not be writing poems on the blog. We’ll notify you of new applications and their versions throw in useful manual or study of corporate finance and bit by bit assemble a Dictionary of Financial and Business Intelligence concepts. In short, it's live reporting.

It adjusts to your laptop, tablet or mobile. Touch screen is user friendly with vibrant graphics. In addition to the quick to respond actions further enhancements are also pleasing. We are presenting new version of the online Reporting

Mid-size company using several in-house IT systems and data sources is going to implement the Reporting.cz Cloud solution. And what is the main reason? Because a simpler and transparent management thanks to the unified reporting platform based on all data sources is available. Our case study explores the entire course and financial costs of such implementation

You may be acquainted with them from modern applications. You also wish to have them available in the Reporting and accordingly we have carried out your wishes. We much improved their design and operational capability with easy to read layout. Now, we are introducing the Management Dashboards which summarise the key outputs on one screen only.


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We’ll send you access to the demo, where using the test data you get hands-on experience of the BI applications in the Cloud. Or do you prefer a personal presentation? We enjoy showing the application’s greatest tricks and answer awkward business questions. If we are too far apart, we’ll shorten your journey using Skype and desktop sharing.