Can reporting cost less than a monthly telephone bill? Save thanks to the Cloud and hire of BI applications.

Great benefit with small price? It sounds like a cliché, but that's 100% Instead of expensive investments you hire software as on-line service and pay a monthly fee. Zero hardware costs, free updates and saving for management of in-house solutions. All you need is the Internet access and a browser.


How much does cost

Reporting solutions typically cost over 20 thousand EUR, on the other hand the may cost only couple hundred EUR per month with the implementation costs largely relating to your circumstances.Try the Reporting without incurring any obligations. View the estimated price options which are based on the complexity of the Reporting’s implementation and operational requirements

You are a small company, NGO or Start-Up with a simple accounting system, business structure and data model. Your data are suitable for the Reporting tool, you shall be actively involved in the implementation and not require any business consultants at all.
Small company  
You are SME company or group of small companies with a simple accounting system, more complex orgchart and data model. We shall provide our business consultants during the implementation, for the tailor made solution and help to prepare and convert data for the use of the Reporting tool.
Mid-size company 
You are large company or group of SME´s with multifaceted orgchart and data model, complex ERP and multiple data sources. Your data are not in line with the Reporting tool’s requirements so we shall deliver comprehensive implementation including full customisation of the Reporting tool solution.
Large company 
Number of users has minimal impact on the monthly costs and does give the upper limit for pricing options. The monthly fee provides for the required number of users.
4 users  
Number of active users has marginal influence on the monthly costs as the monthly fee for each active user is only €5.
10 users  
For large companies the number of users has significant bearing on the monthly fee and as a result we do not offer fixed fee per user, but differentiate user accounts by activity, consequently lowering your operating costs.
50 users  
Finance Model covers the essentials for modern reporting and presentation of financial results across the whole P&L and Balance Sheet structure. It includes General Ledger transactions and Dimensions enabling to define accurately the transactions’ provenance.
1 data model  
Besides the Finance Model which includes the General Ledger transactions, view of information relating to the sums or claims and liabilities due dates may be useful. Each model will have effect on the activation price level and monthly fee.
2 data models 
Additionally to the Finance Model which includes the General Ledger transactions, further models relating to the data structure such as stock items and balance, or alternatively the data model tailored to your needs may be required. Each model will influence the activation and monthly fees.
More data models  
Number of Dimensions will impact on the ease of implementation as well as on the Reporting operational requirements. Option Start is limited to 2 Dimensions only, however for a small company it is usually sufficient.
2 Dimensions  
If 2 Dimensions are not sufficient then the implementation and the Reporting operational requirements are going to be more complex than the Start option. Nonetheless, most mid-size companies are content with 3 dimensions.
3 Dimensions  
If more than 3 Dimensions are required then we envisage exacting implementation and the Reporting operational requirements then provisionally assume that the Enterprise option shall be applicable.
7 Dimensions  
For a small company connection to the ERP or accounting system is usually sufficient. In any case, the multiple data sources would not fit into the Start option as it greatly impacts on the implementation complexity and the Reporting tool operational requirements.
1 data source  
Mid-size company usually manages with just one data source and multiple data models. If further data sources are essential for the Reporting tool then the more costly Enterprise option may be required.
1 data source  
Multiple data sources and data models result in challenging implementation and operational requirements. If you must be connected to the multiple data sources and systems then provisionally assume that the Enterprise option shall be applicable.
Multiple data sources  
Monthly fee is composed of the payment for the data model usage, active users’ license and, if applicable, for the SLA support agreement.
From €60/month 
Monthly fee includes usage of 2 data models, 3 Dimensions, active users’ license and, if applicable, the SLA support agreement.
€100 to €250/month 
Monthly fee relates to the number of data models and Dimensions, however the final fee sum may be increased by the number of active users as well as by the SLA support agreement.
€200 to €600/month 
Activation price includes the initial analysis, tool configuration and connection to the ERP or any other source of accounting data including setting up of data imports via the ETL into the Reporting tool.
Activation fee is
from €400
Analysis, configuration, data sources link and import preparation via ETL takes more time for the medium-sized companies. Activation fee estimate shall be provided in our quotation.
Activation fee is
between €1,500 to €3,000
Multiple data models, Dimensions and data sources result in higher costs for the configuration and activation of the tool. Fee estimate for the Reporting connection shall be provided in our quotation.
Activation fee is
from €2,500
Following participation in our training course a simple data model may be prepared by yourselves without incurring any business consulting costs subject to having a suitable data structure for the Reporting tool.
Implementation fee is
from €0
Middle-size companies usually require tailor made Reporting solution. More complicated model and changes to the data structure for the Reporting require support of our business consultants; the implementation fee shall be included in our quotation.
Implementation fee is
between €1,000 and €3,000
Complex business structure requires tailor made Reporting solution and in consequence our business consultants shall be required for the implementation. We shall provide the implementation fee in our quotation to suit your requirements.
Implementation fee is
between €3,000 to €8,000

Check how much the on-line Reporting tool saves
against the in-house solution as the on-line
software in the Cloud
Financial software
as the in-house solution
Initial costs
€0  for the purchase of hardware, software and Intranet.

All is replaced by the hire of the Cloud application available to all Internet users. We take care of the hardware and software maintenance and backups.

€500 to €3,000 for the activation, i.e. connection of the Reporting tool to your ERP and data source.

Activation fee includes configuration and system preparation at your place of work. The Reporting tool shall be connected to your data source and the data uploading to our data base shall be set up.

€800 for the activation of the Cash Flow Management tool, budget planning application.

If you require a tool for financial planning in addition to the on-line Reporting toll we shall arrange for the CFM application. It runs as an independent MS Excel application, but it is connected to the Reporting tool.

€0 to €8,000 for the implementation, analysis and business consulting.

For a simple data model preparation of the structure definition may be achieved by yourselves. For more complicated model, several data sources or if the data structure is unsuitable for the Reporting tool purposes you shall require assistance of our business consultants. Implementation costs shall be provided in our quotation.

Fee ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands euro for the purchase of software and user licenses.

Fee starts at several thousand euro, increases in relation to the solution complexity, for the purchase of the application, database and backup server, and its related networks.

Fee ranges from several thousand or tens of thousands euro for the initial analysis, design and comprehensive implementation.

Financial planning is usually carried out in the Excel application without direct connection to the Reporting tool. Instead of carrying out planning and managing your company you are obliged to generate application for your company requirements and furthermore using the Financial Manager’s valuable time.

Monthly costs
From €60 for a data model.

Reporting is based on multiple data models; General Ledger, entries, payment due dates... Clients typically require one or two; monthly fee of €40 to €80 pays for the usage of data model based on the model type, number of Dimensions or historical data.

€6 for each active user.

Number of users has marginal impact on the monthly fee as you pay €6 for each users. For companies with tens of users we’ll propose more favourable price based on the user activities thus resulting in lower overall costs.

Optional support in SLA format.

With fixed price service agreement pay for man-hours which you may use or carry out to the next period. Monthly fee is governed by the support’s scope and response time. The SLA is optional and you may change agreement conditions at any time.

Within the Definition Mode majority of business requirements may be managed by yourselves.

Hundreds to thousands of euro for IT outsourcing or employees who are responsible for the maintenance and development of the IT system.

Even very simple business requirements for the report definition must be submitted for the implementation.

Financial planning model is continuously and laboriously tuned up in the Excel application thus the work time is not utilised in the most efficient manner.

Annual costs

€0  for the software updates as the on-line application is automatically updated free of charge.

€0  for the hardware upgrades as the Cloud maintenance and extension is taken care of by us.

€300 for the CFM updates of the planning tool if the financial planning is carried out together with the Reporting tool usage.

Hundreds to thousands of euro to the software manufacturer for the maintenance fee for updates and technical support.

Hundreds to thousands euro for the hardware extension and problem fixing.

Data security

High – remote access to the data is only by authorised users as all communications including authentication is encrypted and the data are regularly backed up to two independent data bases.

Risk management

Medium-size – company servers and all data are usually physically accessible at the place of work, communications and authentication is usually encrypted, but frequently data are backed up to another data base within the same site.

Duration of realization

On-line Reporting is implemented in days and even in hours for small projects. For large projects, which require time consuming business consulting, it may take a month for the implementation.

Tailor made in-house reporting is not as fast as on-line solution even for a small company. In-house reporting takes months to be implemented due to every detail being analysed and programmed.

Change to the Cloud and save company’s costs

We’ll send you access to the demo to tryreporting in the Cloud without obligation and for free. If you prefer personal presentation, we gladly demonstrate its benefits and answer your questions. If we are too far apart, we’ll introduce the application via desktop sharing. And if the reporting is of interest, we’ll prepare quotation.