provides just
what you need from the BI financial application

It provides view of company’s finance from all angles and in detail, to enable faultless decision making. Just few clicks, specify the parameters and you are in possession of information that will make your work easier. In addition, it combines reporting, planning and as a smart kit grows with you and adapts to any management role.


It adapts to you. Or would you rather personalise it

On-line reporting keeps up with you. It is for small and big, for businesses and non-profit organisations. And it can be handled and assembled like Lego without requirement of IT team, our support and even without financial investments. All you need is a Web browser and a half-day training or a comprehensive prompt. Our business consultants and data warehouse specialists are available in case of need.

Assemble it like Lego

To develop reporting is as easy as to generate table in Excel. We have designed it so that the deployment takes a few days or even hours. If you wish, we leave the structures definition to you, however we offer help anytime.

Customising of reporting can be carried out by you. Definition Mode, will give a prompt, and handles even structures copied from Excel. Create custom made types of report, design financially oriented KPIs and generate management’s data views.

It is open to all

Regardless of the industry branch it will help small and large companies, trading and manufacturing companies and also non-profit organisations. It supports group reporting including consolidation, reports’ historical records and Czech and international standards.

It works with multiple data models thus the information is found in the right place. Anyone in financial management can manage it and adapted it to any company requirements We are breaking down the barriers of reporting, will you join us?

Define your own reports and graphs

To generate specific views from prepared reports is easy. And just as easy is to create or modify reports. You do not need programmers or our support. Each time you modify data structures the Definition Mode leads you step by step.

Obtain any type of report just by clicking

Obtain any type of report just by clicking

We’ll prepare 5 unique types of report from which you derive any Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement or a combined report. Subsequently, add and insert rows to the tree’s appropriate places. Access to the generated type of report is by all or selected users.

Do you need to evaluate the performance of a new incentive criterion for dealers? Definition of this type of report can be easily put together as a jigsaw by clicking:

  • Accounts relating to a particular report and year, which is enabled by historical records of views
  • Rows shown in the report with an option to permit for each row suitable analytical applications
  • Calculated elements add to the report non-financial indicators derived from a given algorithm
  • Tree for the report and a particular year defines
Easy import of data and structures

Easy import of data and structures

Definition of reports, trees, accounts, dimensions and other structures does not have to be prepared directly in the application. It can import all structures even by simple copy/paste from Excel. We are also in the consulting business and know that the financial management will not give up the Office application. Import crunches data from text file or ERP, so use what you are used to.

Furthermore, the final report definition is easily exported to Excel for any checking.

Prepare useful graphs

Prepare useful graphs

New graph is created similarly like the type of report. If you need to depict, at the same time, values from more than one report, define a virtual report with all source data. The graph is derived by clicking on lines of a particular report to which you wish the graph to be related. In the Presentation Mode the saved graph is displayed and is plotted according to the specified parameters of the current report.

Easy company management, authorisation and appearance

Access to the administration is by selected users. It primarily enables the management of companies and their groups to provide a group report – on behalf of several companies, consolidated group or subsidiaries.

Data access in several companies

Data access in several companies

The administration will safeguard companies’ connections, setting of data import from the ERP and also users with access to the group’s data or individual companies. This allows the Presentation Mode to quickly switch over to data in another company or group. Access rights ensure that each user is only allowed where needed.

Users and access rights

Users and access rights

Management of users and access rights is available in the administration of application and also partly in the Definition Mode – in the report definition it is essential to specify access restriction to the report for specific managers or company departments

Users are incorporated into groups, allowed access to the selected companies’ data, the right to define new types of reports and you are able to easily view when they logged-in to the application last time. In accordance with the agreement to provide technical support selected users have access to the Helpdeskwhere they submit requirements relating to the modifications of the reporting. Alternatively, they report problems that are subsequently solved by SLA.

Training course will help to reveal the application down to the core

Do you wish to discover capabilities of on-line reporting to the last detail? Definition of report types, structures, dimensions, trees, accounting structures and also imports and detailed system settings – all this we teach in half a day. Furthermore, we pass on the experience of our business consultants so you are able to customise the application by yourselves and at the same time suck out as much as possible out of reporting. Training is thus suitable for anyone in financial management.

Still undecided? We’ll show you 15 reasons why is indispensable

Can it really do everything you need? Try it…

We provide access to the demo, where you can carry out reporting ad nauseam. Or we shall demonstrate the applicationin personand find directly how it fits like a glove in your company. If we are too far apart, we'll show the reporting remotely via Skype and desktop sharing. All this is free and without obligation, of course.