provides just
what you need from the BI financial application

It provides view of company’s finance from all angles and in detail, to enable faultless decision making. Just few clicks, specify the parameters and you are in possession of information that will make your work easier. In addition, it combines reporting, planning and as a smart kit grows with you and adapts to any management role.


Brings 15 great benefits which change your view of the financial reporting and planning

Safer than expected

We protect your data in the data warehouse, which is safeguarded by us against accidents and misuse. We carry out back-up every night to 2 independent storage locations. Applications run in the Cloud making it available on-line at HTTPS and transmitted data and access information is encrypted using SSL.

Security of user authorisation may be increased by sending a verification code via e-mail. Log-ins are filed in order to be available for inspection by the administrator who also creates or cancels user accounts and sets their access permissions to specific reports.

Pay only for useful data

At last, there is financial software without need of long deployment and a large investment. Change to the Cloud and hire management system as an on-line service. costs per month less than telephone. Do not expect off the shelf package – the application concept and data models are open to modifications made to measure.

Very best in financial reporting is the BI application focused on financial reporting and management accounting presentation. It has a specific logic and the BI applications and also know-how in the field of Czech and international financial and reporting standards.

Lightning fast deployment is not off the shelf package to be installed and used. We fine-tune it in such a way that following analysis and approval of the data reporting model we are able to set it up in few hours create required reports and submit it to full operations.

Anytime, anywhere

We keep up with the times to enable continuous 24/7 mobile access to the application. All you need is a Web browser. Even if you borrow someone else's computer or use tablet your or company’s data in the current version can be securely accessed via log-in and a password.

Do it yourself

Have you searched for financial software that is under your control? Following software can be made ready and developerd by you without need of IT team and even without us. What other software gives you such freedom?

Management data warehouse

One tool governs all: reporting and planning, Business Intelligence and DSS, OLAP and data warehouse. Processes accounting, data, data from planning tools and Excel or text files and converts them into tailor made financial statements and reports.

From the General Ledger and stores

Do you need to dig out information, but the accounting data relating to sales and buying, the quantity and price per unit is not available? With reporting relating to the General Ledger attach reporting relating to stock items or other sources. Reports are created in different layers.

Share data and reports

Switch between company groups or work with the data of one company. Saved report may then be easily forwarded to colleagues or managers. And that's not all. Access rights ensure that users view only the analysis and reports they need to see.

It’s open

It adapts to your management and statutory requirements. It is suitable for businesses, manufacturing companies and non-profit organisations. It handles individual and group reporting including consolidation adjustments.

Across accounting standards

It is independent of the type of accounting and supports reporting in accordance with the Czech, and also IFRS a GAAP standards.

More companies in one place

Do you look after reporting for different companies? Or do you have subsidiaries? Analyse them separately or as a group with a single tool. Take advantage of consolidation adjustments, processing logic, easy switching between data sources and other tricks.

Simple to use

Handle complex applications using easy method. Rigorous database queries, calculations and transformations in the data warehouse are running in the background. Intuitive application, allows easy control, fast operations and clear presentation of information is in the foreground.

Help in the shortest possible time

Cracking of any financial nut will be aided by a team of business consultants, experts in data warehouses, finance and accounting. In addition, you have on hand technical support if anything goes wrong. Urgent requirements received by the Helpdesku are usually resolved within 4 hours.

Free software updates is on-line financial software running in the Cloud and you hire it as a service for a monthly fee. Everything else is handled by us. We develop application features, improving them and add new types of reports. You’ll receive updates automatically.

Can it really do everything you need? Try it…

We provide access to the demo, where you can carry out reporting ad nauseam. Or we shall demonstrate the applicationin personand find directly how it fits like a glove in your company. If we are too far apart, we'll show the reporting remotely via Skype and desktop sharing. All this is free and without obligation, of course.