provides just
what you need from the BI financial application

It provides view of company’s finance from all angles and in detail, to enable faultless decision making. Just few clicks, specify the parameters and you are in possession of information that will make your work easier. In addition, it combines reporting, planning and as a smart kit grows with you and adapts to any management role.


It plans and creates professional financial models

Do you save 300,000 in interest if an alternative external resource is used and the loan is repaid in advance? And how will the financial results look in future periods under the current assumptions? Tool for advanced financial planning will answer similar questions and help to model the best possible plan.

Prepare the financial plan

Prepare the financial plan

Generate and optimise professional financial plans. Enter the input tables with anticipated company activities, its procedures and the current trading status. The tool immediately sets up a consistent financial model in the structure of the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow, evaluative indicators proved in practice, graphs and other required outputs

Prepare a comprehensive financial model of the development prediction in the company’s procedures. It helps to optimise cash flow even for large investments, effective use of available funds or fully evaluate the impact of the company planned activities on its results and funding.

The application runs independently under MS Excel, however it is connected with on-line reporting. The generated plan can simply be imported into reporting or models exported into another format.

Typical tasks simplified by the tool

  • Generation of a financial plan whilst maintaining continuity
  • Generation of a plan taking into account individual projects
  • Generation of an organisation’s overhead costs budget linked to projects
  • Generation of background and financial attachments for projects, financial background information for meetings with owners, partners, banks…
  • Planning for the tax burden and its optimisation over the years
  • Planning the available funds use
  • Comparison of advantages using alternative external resources
  • Optimisation of internal and external resources
  • Optimisation of working capital
  • Optimisation of limiting values, e.g. finding the maximum rent level, minimum sales levels, etc.
  • Optimisation of trading margins and sales prices
  • Optimisation of generation and use of reserves
  • Optimisation of investment distribution over the time period
  • Optimisation of funding of organisations and projects

Why use financial planning within the reporting

We created financial planning tool named CFM long before on-line reporting and currently it is being independently used by over 500 companies and NGOs in the Czech and Slovak Republics. It helped the University to train future financial managers and directors, plays an important role in the nadace VIA competition for the best NGO’s business plan and we use it to generate and optimise financial models. Why?

Link to on-line reporting

Planning tool runs as a standalone application, however it is linked to the on-line reporting. One click and generated financial models are transferred to the reporting. They become a source of data for comparison of the current status versus plan, work with forecasts and further reporting.

Faultless interconnection between statements

Enjoy automatic linking of the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and Cash Flow Statement. Data integrity and report consistency is provided by the tool as faultlessly as the ERP systems. For example, in the negotiation for a loan you have on hand an optimum model of repayment calendar, WACC calculation and other background information.

Open to your changes

○ As authors we have all available planning models under our full control. Models are easily modified to your specific requirements, company procedures and user requirements. The tool is so open that after training it can be handled and developed by you without us.

Management and consolidation layer

Planning application can be used as a platform to input the management and consolidation layer adjustments. Statutory accounting is adapted to management procedure needs and output measurement according to set KPI.

What-if and further analysis

When creating models useful applications specific to financial planning will help. Using the What-if analysis all potential risks in modelling different scenarios are found, Goal-Seek application optimises outputs based on the key criteria, etc.

Strategic and operational plans

Create operational plans for months and quarters for the next period or long-term plans, perhaps for the next 10 years. Planning enables to model years, quarters and months and does not restrict you in any way whilst looking at the near or distant company future.

Do you need help with financial planning?

We are business consultants in the field of corporate finance and the first version of the tool for financial planning has been created two decades ago. We will help to create bullet proof models and use them for long-term prosperity of company, business and non-profit organisation. We offer our know-how of many years through consultation or full day training.


Need advice and assistance with creating financial models? We'll analyse the company's needs in terms of financial planning and propose the structure and procedure to create a plan. Alternatively, we shall provide integration of planning into a comprehensive reporting solution.

The planning tool is sufficiently open so that we can adapt available models and reports as you wish. Modifications can be carried out by yourselves and we offer help if you are interested.

Arrange consultation

Training of financial planning

Based on practical examples, we’ll teach you different ways to generate a financial plan. From simple to complex models, where estimates of revenues and costs are based on the business logic and processes. We’ll go through all areas that should be taken into account within the financial planning.

We’ll discuss optimisation of working capital items and differences in the approach of generating monthly, quarterly and annual plans. We’ll show how to, at the end of the day, seek solutions in What-If analysis.

More about training

Reports, plans, but above all adapts to you

Can it really do everything you need? Try it…

We provide access to the demo, where you can carry out reporting ad nauseam. Or we shall demonstrate the applicationin personand find directly how it fits like a glove in your company. If we are too far apart, we'll show the reporting remotely via Skype and desktop sharing. All this is free and without obligation, of course.