Who uses Reporting.cz and why

Pays dividends for local companies and corporations with branches in different countries. Works in a cloud, adapts to size and area of business and can be connected directly to a data source. Its primary task is to bring together and process all the management information you need to take decisions.


Helps large companies and new companies


Why they chose it and what they said

  • „It helps the company generate a perfect overview of all projects, planned and completed, their complex financing from several sources and the coverage of overheads. We always have the reports required for our managerial decision-making, statutory purposes and, last but not least, for communication with our partners and donors. If required, we can trace the required details and origins of a transaction at any time on request.“ Šimon Budský, Executive Director 3P Consulting, s.r.o.

  • „We have successfully used CFM here at the VIA Foundation for a number of years as part of a programme at the Academy of Social Business to check the financial transparency and long-term sustainability of the projects of non-profit organisations.“ Jiří Bárta, Executive Director Nadace VIA

  • „The main advantage for us is that information from a number of information systems is interconnected, parameters can be changed over “hard data” and there is web access via iOS devices.“ Jan Petr, Executive Director Software602, a.s.


Case studies and model example

Each month we broaden the sector-specific solutions in which we launched Reporting.cz. We can adapt it to suit your area of business and requirements. Read the case studies about setting up reporting in different sectors or download the model example with demo-version guide.

The partners that work with us

Our partners help us be closer at hand to you and allow you to continue working with your supplier. These partners are ERP system integrators, accounting firms and consultants. The REPORTING.CZ tool will help your and our clients keep step with today’s requirements on management control.

Switch to a cloud and take reporting with you
wherever you go, even on your mobile.

Hire reporting as an online service and pay less monthly than for a telephone. We will show you how to help your company. Or why not try our free demo version on your own data?

REPORTING.CZ helps international corporations and small businesses.. Whether you manufacture, sell or provide services, we will adapt it to suit your sector and extra requirements.